How could your leadership be strengthened?

Mentoring and supervision

Rick’s emphasis is on missional leaders – people pushing the boundaries and working for transformational change. Within that group his special concern is for high-level leaders who must look outside their organizations to find ‘safe’ mentoring, and missionaries working in isolated, cross-cultural contexts.



Useful in a wide variety of developing situations, consultancy is a short-term discernment process that produces observations, reflections and recommendations for an organization around a few specific lines of enquiry. Rick’s experience has focused on churches, theological colleges and Christian charities.



Taking things a step further than consultancy, partnership involves coming alongside a leadership team in an ongoing relationship, usually negotiated a year at a time, meeting 3 or 4 times a year to pursue the big questions of vision, values, mission and strategy. Along the way Rick helps leadership teams tackle the unforeseen obstructions that arise and identify fresh opportunities that emerge.



Rick conducts interactive seminars and workshops that stimulate people to think creatively about matters of Christian faith and formulate their own contextualized responses. He is open to facilitate the exploration of new areas suggested by the organizations he serves.

Topics Rick has covered in the past include:

  • Mentoring
  • Discipleship
  • Spiritual formation
  • Leadership priorities
  • Hazards and strategies for leaders
  • Spirituality for leadership
  • The pastoral task
  • Compassion ministry in the church
  • Christian community


Rick works with leadership and management teams to design processes for dealing with particular issues. Often this means being an external chairperson for a meeting or conference, or being a conversation partner at specially convened, one-off strategy meetings.



Rick loves to encourage communities of believers to faithfully pursue their calling in Christ. No church is too large or too small; Rick has a special appreciation of small churches that are up for a big challenge.



Using insights gained from many years of Christian mentoring, Rick provides direction for spiritual retreats for Christian leaders to realign their lives and service under the Lordship of Christ. He takes special care to tailor each retreat to the circumstances of the participants.