Mentoring Privacy Policy

Mentoring and Your Data

When you access mentoring with Rick Lewis through Anamcara Consulting, some personal information about you is recorded including your name, contact details, notes of mentoring conversations and written communication to you and from you.

How Your Data is Used

Information about you is kept for the purpose of serving you effectively in mentoring.

Your contact details will be used only for communicating with you about matters related to your mentoring.

Notes of conversations and written communication are kept to aid Rick’s memory so that his mentoring is based on accurate information.

Notes of mentoring conversations may be used in an aggregated form that does not disclose your personally identifiable information for the purpose of research into mentoring. You may request that your data be excluded from such research.

Your Privacy Protected

Information about you is kept electronically on devices which are always password protected. A backup, also password protected, is kept in the Cloud.

Rick Lewis is the only person with access to this information.

You may request a copy of information kept about you.

After the conclusion of your mentoring partnership through Anamcara Consulting, any information about you is kept for one year and then permanently deleted. However, you may at any time request for all information about you to be deleted immediately.


NB Your rights indicated in this privacy policy are not absolute and may be limited by legislation that requires your information to be tendered within a legal process.