Mentoring Rates

Rick offers mentoring for Christian leaders in many parts of the world using different structures depending on your location:

  • Face to face in Australia with the option of 6, 8 or 12 sessions per year
  • Via video conferencing worldwide with the option of 6, 8 or 12 sessions per year
  • In the UK, alternating video conference and face to face sessions with one standard structure of 6 sessions per year

For mentoring conducted in Australia or entirely via video conferencing, the Australian fee schedule applies. For mentoring conducted in the UK where half the sessions are face to face, the UK fee schedule applies. The UK rates are slightly higher to help cover international travel expenses.

Please click on the appropriate fee schedule for your region.

Australian Fee Schedule

UK Fee Schedule

2 thoughts on “Mentoring Rates

  1. Dear Rick,
    I hope you’re well. A few years ago, I did the cert course at Cliff College on Christian mentoring and have come back to it, partly because I’m interested in dong the Masters. I picked up your book again, after a tough week involving not a little conflict, and realized that I need some mentoring. I’m based in Leeds, so a little ways from Birmingham.
    So, if you can indicate whether this is a possibility, that would be helpful.

    Best wishes,
    Phil Arnold.

    • Hi Phil,
      I remember that time at Cliff. I still teach there and will be back again this coming February. I would love to explore with you the possibility of a mentoring partnership. I will email you privately about this.
      Kind regards,

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