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Please click on the ‘Fee Schedule’ link to open a PDF with my rates.

Fee schedule

One thought on “Mentoring Rates

  1. Dear Dr Lewis,
    I work for the Diocese of Bristol in UK. My name is Katy Staples and I am a Schools Adviser.
    Derek Chedzey (who has just got a new job as Archdeacon in the Diocese of Hereford) has recommended that I contact you to see if you can help me.
    We are launching a new scheme to encourage more people to serve God by expressing God’s love in schools and colleges. There are many people across the diocese who are really effective at this work already. We want to invest in them as coaches or mentors to be able to work with people to encourage them in a relational bespoke way to work with children and young people in our schools and colleges. We don’t want this just to be about “here are the off the peg resources – go forth and use them” – we want them, if possible, to encourage others to listen to the need and develop contexts of ongoing relationships with schools and the children and young people who attend them.
    Do you think this is something you could support us with?
    Is this idea mentoring as you define it?
    How many sessions of training do you think it might require to equip these individuals – how much might that cost ?

    I would really appreciate it if you could let me know as soon as possible as I need to make a grant application for these sums and the application deadline is the end of May.

    Thank you for your consideration,


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