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Rick.LewisDr. Rick Lewis is the owner and principal consultant of Anamcara Consulting. He is primarily a practitioner of mentoring, serving around 70 senior Christian leaders in Australia, South-east Asia, the UK and continental Europe. For 30 years he was a local church pastor, all the while devoting some time to mentoring, consulting with churches, and training. Since 2011 he has worked full-time as an itinerant mentor, consultant, lecturer and seminar leader. He serves as an adjunct faculty member and visiting lecturer for several theological colleges in Australia, the UK and more recently in South America. He holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from Fuller Theological Seminary, having conducted action research into mentoring processes for pastors. His first book, Mentoring Matters, published in 2009, deals especially with formal, structured mentoring for Christian leaders. Rick is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and chairs the leadership group of the Australian Christian Mentoring Network.

3 thoughts on “Consultant Profile

  1. Thanks for sharing at Elizabeth Church of Christ this weekend. I resonated with so much you shared with us at the seminar on Saturday.

  2. Thank you Rick for your incredible capacity to create God-space that has enabled me to discover new opportunities, connect with new insights, develop new patterns of life and leadership. All of this, I hope, has helped me to grow in my humanity and leadership. Your style of mentoring and the intentional dynamics of learning that you provide have been of a great benefit. As and when occasion arises I will be recommending you to others on the journey. Thanks.

    • Thanks Lee, you’re very kind. Do you think we could find a creative way to work together in the future? I’d like that.

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